Monday, January 25, 2010

More PLAY tips

1.)    WAIT...ALWAYS WAIT (can't be said enough times)

2.)    Go for AFFECT. (Whatever will make child smile, light up, pay attention)

3.)    Make sure 'circles' are towards PEOPLE, not THINGS.

4.)    Ask yourself, "Is this fun for ____?"  If not, stop and join.

5.)    Label actions, words, and feelings.

6.)    Express your affect as SYMPATHY, not control, when they want to do something you don't want to do or is not allowed.  ("Oh--you REALLY wanted to go in there!  I'm sorry that we can't.  Not today.  Maybe another time.  I know it makes you sad and I'm sad too.  Let's try _______ [something to redirect])

7.)    Figure out 10 things that can be done with a comfort zone object and try doing them. (Think prepositions:  up, down, in, out, over, around etc.)

8.)    Don't be afraid of the "Dark Side" play--especially for higher level children.

9.)    Try to make sure CHILD is opening first circle...wait and make child take responsibility for the relationships.  Remember that a circle can start with just a look, gesture or word.

10.)   Share child's problem in play.  "It's hard to know what to do.  Hmmm...what could we do with the train?"  AND WAIT.  

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