Monday, March 1, 2010

The things illness can bring out

I've had three kids on my caseload have strep in the past month!  I have no sore throat, but still wonder if I could be a "carrier", without having symptoms.  Two of them do not present in the typical way, when they get strep.  No sore throat, good appetite.  But there are behavioral differences.  One of my girls just got stuck on wanting "screen time", which "we" don't do.  The other was becoming a little stuck on her comfort zone item, but at the same time doing some "new" things--like WANTING to paint.  This is a girl that has had no use for artsy-craftsy things and, in the 2 years I've worked with her, she has never initiated anything like that.  I have a "rainbow paint set" in my basket of "things" and she pulled that out, two weeks in a row and we painted!  Now that her strep has been diagnosed and treated, I wonder if she will want to paint anymore.  Was it the strep or is she growing into other interests?  I can't wait to find out.

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