Monday, February 15, 2010

Exciting New Communication Device!

If you have an apraxic child, this just might be the ticket!  A Speech Therapist brought this to my attention and I think it looks GREAT. Nearly EVERY kid has a Nintendo DS, so they fit right in with other kids, instead of lugging around a Dynavox/Dynamite.   It is portable, and socially appropriate.  You can add a "regular" voice instead of a robot.  It is just $100 a year (if you already have the DS) and has a 30 day trial period. 

Now, I DO understand that some people want speech at any cost.  But COMMUNICATION is more important.  This allows the child to COMMUNICATE, so EVERYONE can understand, not just those close to him/her.  Speech can be worked on, in conjunction with this, but apraxia is much harder to fix than dsypraxia.  Most people with apraxia will never have even, graceful speech.  They may be able to label things, but carrying on a verbal conversation is nearly impossible.  Using a communication device, that is user friendly, is a step to beginning conversations.  Check out Carly Fleischmann.  She has conversations through her typing.

The speechie has a client who has ordered this and will let me know how they like it.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. The video is disappointing. It looks very one sided for labeling and manding. I'd like to see it in real life to see what comes pre-loaded and to see how easy it is to modify to get new words and phrases on it.

  2. Hi Penny--I think it is NOT preloaded. The purchaser can pick which things THEY need to load. Then THEY can record what they want to be said with the picture. If they can get another, same age/same sex child to do it, it will then be more like the child's "voice". I suspect as it gets more used, Nintendo will develop it as people weigh in on what is helpful and what they need added.

  3. I didn't see any cost for using this software. The other thing is that I think that if a child's parent were to use this software in addition to getting speech therapy that it would be great.

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  5. Hi Amy--I agree that this is an adjunct to speech therapy. The cost is $100 a year. This is very reasonable considering other devices are over well over that and are not as "kid proof" as the DS--plus the DS holds a charge longer. I work with a girl who has a Dynamite and the charge only lasts 4 hours and it is "in the shop" more than with her. Very frustrating for her because it IS her voice.

  6. There is a program that has many more programing options called Proloquo2Go which works on an iPod Touch or iPhone. The application is $189 (one time with free updates) and iPod Touch starts at $199. I use it with my autistic son. The website is Good to know that there are options that aren't eight to ten thousand dollars!

  7. I wonder why it is a "per year" cost? Why is it not a one-time purchase? (wondering to self, not expecting Karen to have all the answers)


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